Quick Mechanics

The Quick Mechanics services we offer cover the most common operations related to; the change of oil, filters, revision and maintenance of the suspension, brakes and leaks, among others, and we do it immediately with your arrival at our workshop requesting any of our services.

good maintenance = greater durability without breakdowns

Pre-ITV Service

The Technical Inspection of Vehicles is a mandatory review for all cars, since they have mandatory deadlines depending on the use, the years and the type of vehicle.

Performing a pre-ITV review on your car can save you time and money, as it will avoid possible scares in your ITV review.

In our Workshop we perform a comprehensive car review, and in details of the elements involved in the pre-ITV.

Además, llevamos tu coche a la ITV.


servicio de pre-ITV

Wheel Alignement

Check the tires, steering and suspension systems to determine the cause and correct it to restore stability to your vehicle, otherwise it will cause excessive wear on the tires and suspension, jeopardizing your safety and that of others.

We offer full service alignment of the wheels of your car.


Alineación de ruedas

Oil change

Lubricating all engine parts to avoid wear and future breakdowns is vital to ensure proper operation and durability of your car.

  • What does it mean to change the oil in your car?
  • Protect the engine from wear, friction and corrosion.
    Cool the engine avoiding overheating.
    Encourage engine cleanliness.

We have for your vehicle all brands of oils that your car may require.

Has your car already covered the permissible kilometers? Has the oil lost viscosity or is it contaminated?


cambio de aceite

Filter change

Did you change the oil? Make filter change.

The main function of the oil filter is to eliminate all the impurities that the oil can have before reaching the lubrication circuit so that it can fulfill its function successfully.

For this reason, it is advisable to check your car filters frequently (air filters, oil, fuel and particle filters) to avoid serious damage to the car’s engine and ensure safe driving.

In our workshop we offer you the complete review of your filters, and make the change of them.


cambio de filtro de aceite

Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers are an essential part of the suspension and one of the most important elements, along with the tires, for vehicle safety.

In our workshop we offer the periodic service of verification and / or replacement of shock absorbers


cambio de amortiguadores

Change brake discs and brake pads

The brake pads are one of the elements of the car that most wear suffer with the passage of time, so it is necessary to periodically review them and change them when necessary, as it is also one of the most important elements for our safety and safety. others.

In our workshop we offer the service of verification of the discs, the pads and the brake fluid, and in case of the results the changes are made.


Air conditioning recharge

The recharge of the air conditioning is one of the most important tasks to review if we do not want our car to become an oven with wheels.

Air conditioning is an indispensable comfort element, especially in summer, to which we usually pay very little attention to its maintenance.


recarga de aire acondicionado

Exhaust pipe inspection and repair

The exhaust system is responsible for channeling in a controlled manner the gases generated during combustion, to reduce its toxicity, both inside and outside the vehicle.

Correct maintenance directly influences engine performance and pollutant emissions into the atmosphere.

We offer the service of total revision of the exhaust pipe of your car and repair in case of damage or breakdowns.


revisión tubo de escape

Checking and changing the coolant

The coolant allows to drive under the most adverse conditions of cold or heat, because it protects the engine parts preventing it from getting too hot or cold, also favoring the cleanliness of the engine and prevents the occurrence of very expensive damages, which can become irreparable many times.

In our Workshop we offer the service of checking the condition of the coolant, and we make your change or completeness.


cambio del líquido refrigerante

Key programming

Electronic keys are convenient and protect your vehicle from thieves. Luckily, many of these keys and remote controls can be replaced and programmed.

In our Workshop we offer you the programming and key copy service for your car.


programación de llaves

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