General Mechanics

Mechanical workshop that offers general mechanics services.

It covers solutions for mechanical, engine, gearboxes, electronic car diagnostics, Airbag repair, cylinder head repair, distribution kid, clutch kid, alternator change, starter engines, switchboard re-programming and more, and We do it immediately with your arrival at our workshop requesting any of our services.

good maintenance = greater durability without breakdowns

Car diagnosis

Vehicle scanning is the diagnosis to detect faults that are causing a car to malfunction, or failures recorded in the electronic area of ​​a car, specifically on the car’s computer, in which improper signals are handled and detected.

We have all the conditions and tools to make a complete and efficient diagnosis of your car



Airbag Repair

The components of a supplementary restraint system (SRS or airbag) are single-use elements: once activated, they cannot be reused.

And so it is with airbag bags, belt pretensioners and any other pyrotechnic actuator.

In conjunction with the activation of these devices, it is common for certain adjacent components (dashboards, windscreens, roof and seat trim, etc.) to be affected as well.

We perform the diagnosis and repair of the airbag.


reparación de airbag

Cylinder Head Repair

Do you know when your car’s head is damaged?

The engine of your car overheats, has loss of power, high pressure in the cooling system, coolant leaks, the coolant turns brown, gray or white smoke leak through the exhaust, abnormally high water consumption, consumption abnormally high engine oil, etc.

Have you detected that your car has these symptoms?

Visit us in our workshop and we will check the cylinder head, we perform all the correction and replacement service in case of problems at the meeting.


Reparación de culata

Distribution Kit

A breakdown in the timing belt is one of the most expensive repairs to the engine, as it can cause many other damages.

Changing it preventively is an option that you cannot leave for later, because if it breaks it can damage the engine completely and make it unusable. Valves, pistons and much of the engine components would be damaged.

When it is time to change the belt, it is advisable to resort to a distribution kit, because next to it there are other elements subject to wear, and when replacing them all, we avoid having to change the belt ahead of time.

We offer you a complete review of your timing belt and all the elements that may be affected, and if necessary the changes are made.


cambio correa de distribución

Clutch kit

When your clutch system is having problems?

When we make a gear change and notice that it scratches. When this happens, the disc fails to adequately fulfill its function of transmitting engine power to the gearbox and to the ground.
When we want to overtake or on a slope, we accelerate and the engine revolutionizes but the speed doesn’t really increase.
When we change from one gear to another, we notice that it is not done smoothly, but we have the feeling that it scratches and even, despite having the right speed, we notice that it costs the marches to enter.
Shorter than usual clutch pedal travel means that the disc is starting to wear out.

If you have noticed that your car has these symptoms, come to our workshop and we will make all the review of your clutch system and the changes that are necessary.


kit de embrague


The alternator of a car transforms the mechanical energy of the engine into electrical energy to power the vehicle’s electrical system.

If the alternator is broken, the car battery will stop working by discharging.

If it is in poor condition, you must make the alternator change, without hesitation since in addition other parts or components of the vehicle would be negatively affected if you do not.

We offer the service of review and change of alternator.


Cambio de alternador

Starter Motor

The starter is an electric motor whose mission is to start the vehicle engine.
If the engine does not start when the ignition key is turned on and the rest of the electrical elements work perfectly, the starter motor may be defective.

If you are presenting these problems, we invite you to visit us in our workshop and we will review your starter, and we will repair it.


cambio de motor de arranque

Reprogramming of switchboards

The reprogramming of the car control unit is used in order to improve the engine power torque, modifying the original parameters with which our vehicle comes from the assembler.

Internally the car control unit is responsible for supervising the operation of the engine, using information from the revolutions, engine temperature and air density entering the intake system.

All this information contains the ideal criteria for engine operation; This is where reprogramming should influence, modifying those ideal parameters by ones that improve the overall performance of the engine.

In our workshop we perform the reprogramming of switchboards according to their type of car and the operating parameters.


Reprogramación de centralitas

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